8 Ball Pool Hack Updated Cheat – Auto win, Target Line and Cues Hack

By | October 9, 2014


8 Ball Pool hack auto win, target line and cues hack new updated and 100% work. Get this hack for free, free download, no password and no survey.

Info Update: 

8 Ball Pool Long Line With Trainer V.2.16.1,  Hack Update ‎‎‎October 09, ‎2014. Update 8 ball pool hack V.2.16.1

Functions of 8 Ball Pool Cheat Target Line Hack is to make the target line longer. By using this cheat it is much easier to insert your billiard balls. This Cheat is working on any Browser. You can also hack cues from this trainer.

Tools required for 8 Ball Pool Target Line hack:

1. Cheat Engine

Free Download Cheat Engine

2. Download 8 Ball Cheat tool (free download, no password and no survey)

Free Download 8 ball Trainer v.2.16.1

3. Your Browser.

Steps to use 8 Ball Pool Trainer :

  1. Download and Install Cheat Engine (do not open)
  2. Log in to your facebook account then play 8 Ball Pool Game (up on lobby) (after you log in to the game, do not click anything)
  3. Now, open 8 Ball Pool Trainer, then click select process, select process in accordance with your browser (Ex : Firefox Win 7 then select FlashPlayerPlugin)
    NOTE : If you use Google Chrome browser, open only one tab in a browser, then you select the process on the trainer, after that click inject. After click inject, you can open more than one tabs in your browser
  4. Next steps, select hack then click ON.
  5. After that Let’s Play
  6. Enjoy the Hack and keep in touch for more updates.

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