How to Find Correct Process in Google Chrome for Cheat Engine Hacks

By | November 8, 2015

I found that Alot of people uses Google Chrome browser for their Gaming. But when they trying to hack games on Google Chrome must had/have a bad time finding the right process. So, i am giving you out the Tutorial with Video proof for finding the correct process in Cheat Engine Hacks for Google Chrome browser.

By doing this Step by Step , you can easily find the correct Process from all those Google Chrome Proccess’es.


Steps to Find the Correct Process –

  1. Open the game u want to hack on Chrome.
  2. Now Press “Shift+esc
  3. Search for “Plugin: Shockwave Flash
  4. Check out the “Process ID” or “PID
  5. Now open Calculator in Programmer mode
  6. Switch to “Dec” -> Paste the PID -> Switch to “Hex
  7. Open Cheat Engine and Look out the process with Same ID.
  8. DONE! , select that PID of the process for Cheat Engine hack.
  9. Here is the Video Tutorial for Better Understanding. (Watch in HD).

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